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The Hero Hog Lite is our entry-level model for those who want to fish with a voluminous bucktail head, which is significantly more affordable compared to our standard model. The "Lite" is, like its big brother, a hybrid lure consisting of a large-volume bucktail head and a conventional rubber tail (trailer). The head of our "Lite" is only slightly smaller than the Hog Standard, and it is slightly shorter, making it much quicker to assemble. In terms of craftsmanship and quality, we have made no compromises with this model either. 

The large flat nose of the Hog "Lite" creates an enormous pressure wave in the water, giving our target fish the impression that it has a really good bite in front of him. You can literally feel the water pressure that the lure generates when you reel it in or jerk it. Similar to large streamers used in fly fishing for pike, the head is tied from bucktail (a pure natural product, the hair of the North American white-tailed deer). We only use premium bucktail from the USA. The long hair of the head play seductively in the water, creating an additional attraction. Both neutral colors and UV-reflective colors are available. 

The centerpiece of the head is a laser-cut plate made of corrosion-resistant steel 1.4571, which is resistant to seawater. The lure is balanced in such a way that it sinks almost horizontally when left standing during a spinning pause. You can fish the Hero Hog Lite near the surface or at any desired water depth. To do this, simply attach a quick-change weight to the underside of the head at the specially provided eyelet. Only high-quality components are used, designed for a load capacity of at least 35 kg. 

Bucktail is a natural product, which means that there may be slight color deviations even in the standard models.

Hero Hog Lite Model Havel Plötze

VAT Included |
  • 2 (1: No UV - 2: Low - 3: Medium - 4: High)

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