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Double version 288,- €

Triple version 358,- €
Custom made upon request

The Giant is the biggest among our big baits. With a standard length of 36 - 45 cm, it certainly doesn't fail to attract the desired attention of the XXL predators. The Giant is also a hybrid lure with an extra voluminous bucktail head and a huge, flat nose that generates an enormous pressure wave. It is optionally available with one or two intermediate pieces and a trailer. The heart of the Giant head is a laser-cut plate made of 1.4571 stainless steel, which is seawater-resistant. 

Due to its size, the Giant is only available in the fast sink version. Only high-quality components are used, which are designed for a load capacity of at least 68 kg. The quality and bucktail volume of the Giant are outstanding.We only use premium bucktail from the USA, which is also handpicked by us in terms of quality and hair length.  Anyone who holds it in their hands will be amazed.

Length single version: 36 - 45 cm Weight dry: 200 - 260 grams

Length double version: 36 - 40 cm Weight dry: 200 - 230 grams
Length triple version: 40 - 45 cm Weight dry: 220 - 250 grams
Action: fast sink
Equipped with treble hooks from BKK, type Spear 21-SS Super Slide in sizes 5/0 and 4/0 or, for the triple version, an additional 3/0

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