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Our company Hero Luremakers was founded in 2021 and grew out of our own passion for fishing and the nature experience that goes with it. Our lures are specially designed for catching big pike and are a mixture of the big streamers known from fly fishing and proven rubber baits from well-known manufacturers. While the voluminous nose of each lure generates enormous water pressure when retrieved, the bucktail head and the articulated rubber tail behind it play seductively in the water. Big pike can't resist the mixture of water pressure, movement and sometimes fluorescent color stimuli.

Each bait is handmade "Made in Germany". Unfortunately, we cannot compete in price with cheap products from the Far East and Asia, where questionable manufacturing practices are to be expected. Only the best materials are used, and no lead is used in production to protect nature. Each layer of bucktail is sealed twice with 2K epoxy resin to guarantee high strength and durability. In principle, all baits are designed in such a way that they float on the surface (Hero Hog Mini) or only sink slowly.

All models are equipped with two eyelets on the underside, one eyelet as a bite point for the hook, the second to hang a quick-change weight in it. With the additional weight, the bait can be offered in almost all water depths without having a significant impact on the running behavior. Since the eyelet for the additional weight is below the head, the bait sinks much more homogeneously than with the models previously on the market, where the additional weights are simply attached to the snap at the front. For the additional weight, we recommend only  weights made of tungsten for the benefit of the environment.

If you don't find anything that meets your expectations in the standard colors listed, we will be happy to make you an offer for the lure that is "custom made" according to your wishes. 

The Hero Hog Standard and Mini, the Hero Fish and the Early Bird models are available both as a normal version (one head plus a tail) and as larger versions with two or three heads plus a rubber tail.

Tight lines and big fish

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