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Custom Made upon request

The Micro Pig is our smallest and, similar to our Piggy, an absolute lightweight among our Big Baits. With a weight of only 30-40 grams and a length of 17-22 cm, it can be cast on the light spinning rod even for inexperienced big bait anglers, without losing the attraction of a real big bait. The Micro Pig is also a hybrid lure of a voluminous bucktail head with rubber trailer, the large flat nose of the Micro Pig creates an enormous pressure wave like the Hero Hog, which generates a lot of attention for the big pikes. Even large perch can't resist the micro-pig.
As with all our baits, the Micro-Pig has a separate attachment eyelet on the underside of the head, in which you can snap in a small additional weight to let the bait sink into deeper regions.
Only high-quality components are used, which are designed for a load capacity of at least 22 kg.

Available tails/trailers:

Moby Softbaits "Curly One" und Molix RA Twin/ Grub 


17-22 cm depending on tail

Weight dry:

30 - 40 grams depending on tail 


slow sink

Hooks BKK:

1 x treble hook size #1  + 1 x treble hook size #2

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