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Floating version €59

Slow sink version €68
Custom made on request

The Piggy is the lightweight among our big baits. With a weight of just 30-35 grams (floating) or 40-45 grams (slow sink) and a length of 18 cm (fl) / 20-23 cm (ss), it can also be cast from a light spinning rod by inexperienced big bait anglers without losing the attraction of a real big bait. The Piggy is also a hybrid lure made from a voluminous bucktail head with a rubber trailer. The Piggy's large, flat nose, like the Hero Hog, creates an enormous pressure wave that draws a lot of attention from the big mamas.

You can fish the Hero Piggy both on the surface and in almost any desired water depth.

To change the desired running depth, simply hang a quick-change weight on the underside of the head using the eyelet specially provided for this purpose. Only high-quality components are used, which are designed for a load capacity of at least 22 kg.

Available tails/trailers: Moby Softbaits Double Tail Twister "Curly One" and Lunker City "Monkey Grub", Raubfischgarage, Molix RA Twin/ Grub

Length: 17 - 18 cm (floating) and 20 - 23 cm (slow sink)

Weight dry: 30 - 35 grams (floating) and 40 - 45 grams (slow sink)

Action: floating or slow sink

Hooks BKK: 1 x treble hook size 1/0 & 1 x #2

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