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Standard version €148
Custom made upon request

The Hero Hog is a hybrid lure consisting of a large volume head and a conventional rubber tail (trailer).  The large flat nose creates an enormous pressure wave in the water, which gives our target fish the impression that he has a really good bite in front of him. You can literally feel the water pressure that the bait generates when you reel it in or jerk it. Similar to the large streamers used when fly fishing for pike, the head is made of bucktail (a purely natural product, the hair of the North American white-tailed deer). We only use premium Bucktail from the USA. The long hair on the head plays seductively in the water and thus creates an additional attraction. Both neutral colors and UV reflecting colors are available.
The heart of the head is a laser-cut plate made of 1.4571 stainless steel, which is seawater-resistant. The lure is balanced in such a way that if left standing during a pause in spinning it will sink almost horizontally. You can fish the Hero Hog in standard size both close to the surface and in any desired water depth. To do this, you simply hang a quick-change weight on the underside of the head using the eyelet specially provided for this purpose. Only high-quality components are used, which are designed for a load capacity of at least 35 kg.
Also available as a double version "Magnum", on request.
Available tails/ trailer: Lunker City "Monkey Grub", Svartzonker, Spro Giant Flapper, Raubfischgarage
Length: 25 - 30 cm
Weight dry: 110 - 145 grams (varies depending on the trailer)
Action:  Slow sink and fast sink available 

Hook: treble hooks from BKK 1 x 3/0 & 2 x 1/0
Depending on the version, the Hero Hog is equipped with our "Hero-anti-tangle Spinner Hook". Here, a downstream spinner blade is mounted on the front 3/0 treble, which provides an additional stimulus.


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