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The Hero Dragon Piggy is an evolution of our hybrid lure. The voluminous head, which creates an enormous pressure wave in the water, is similar to our traditional Hog or Hog Lite models. However, the Dragon Piggy does not have a conventional rubber tail, as used in regular spin fishing, but a feather-light tail made of bucktail and various other tying materials used for tying large pike streamers.

This offers several significant advantages:

· At 23 to 26 cm, the lure is a true big bait, but it weighs only an astonishing 30 to 40 grams dry weight. This means you can cast this lure for hours without tiring quickly.

· The feather-light tail has a fantastic action in the water and cannot be compared to the action of a rubber lure.

· At the very end of the tail, there is a hook to which an additional Dragon Tail is attached. The Dragon Tail exerts an almost irresistible appeal to all predatory fish and is so thin that the fish can effortlessly suck it in. Since the rear hook is attached right at the end of the tail, there are virtually no missed strikes.

· With the Dragon Piggy, you have all the advantages of fly fishing with large streamers. The fantastic and realistic swimming behaviour is particularly noteworthy, but the Dragon Piggy can be cast with a regular spinning rod or casting rod (baitcaster). The lure's center of gravity is directly at the head, making it easy to cast. Due to its special construction, the lure hardly ever tangles.

· Unlike a rubber tail, the tail is almost indefinitely durable and can withstand many pike attacks. The rear hook is attached to a steel-wire loop and semi-flexibly secured with a rubber tube, allowing the hook to be replaced if needed.

The Streamer Tail consists mainly of a tungsten head-segment and a very light streamer. This creates an even more realistic swimming action compared to a rubber tail.

Like large streamers used in fly fishing for pike, the lure is mainly tied with bucktail (a pure natural product from the North American white-tailed deer) and various synthetic hairs. We use only premium bucktail from the USA. The long hairs of the head play seductively in the water, creating an additional lure effect. Both neutral and UV-reflective colors are available.

The core of the head is a laser-cut plate made of stainless steel 1.4571, which is seawater-resistant. You can fish the Dragon Piggy in both near the surface and at any desired depth. To do this, simply attach a quick-change weight to the underside of the head, on the dedicated eyelet. Only high-quality components are used, rated for a load capacity of at least 22 kg.

Available Versions/Tails:

- Single Tail – One BKK treble hook size 1/0 at the front. At the rear with a single hook (Insanity Hook from Profiblinker) in size 3/0.

- Double Tail – One BKK treble hook size 1/0 at the front. At the rear with a BKK treble hook size #1

Length: 23 - 26 cm

Dry weight: 30 - 40 grams (varies depending on the trailer)

Wet weight: 40 - 50 grams

Action: Slow sinking

Depending on the version, the Dragon Piggy is equipped with our "Hero Anti-Tangle Spinner Hook." This features an additional spinner blade mounted on the front 1/0 treble hook, providing an extra lure effect.

Bucktail is a natural product, which means that there may be slight color deviations even in the standard models.

Dragon Piggy Model Toxic

PriceFrom €49.50
VAT Included |
1-2 weeks delivery time
  • Dragon Fly Tail

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