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The Hero Chatter-Fly is a unique combination of chatterbait, pike fly (streamer), and spinnerbait. Attached to a chatter blade, we present a Wurm-intruder fly. This pike fly is composed of a 3D-printed head with a high-quality paint finish and a long body made of traditional tying materials (feathers, flash, synthetic hair, etc.). The head is hollow inside, making it feather-light. This hollow construction creates a minimal vacuum when retrieved, quickly detected by predators. At the rear end of the fly, there is a sturdy trailer hook on a steel leader, ideal for cautious strikes from behind. Additionally, a treble hook is attached to the underside for larger predators. The bottom treble, with our anti-tangle spinner blade, attracts extra attention and prevents misses on the smaller single hooks. The feather-light streamer, starting at the preceding chatter blade, flutters enticingly, making it a magnet for both perch and pike. Naturally lead-free with a tungsten ball.

You can retrieve the Hero Chatter-Fly steadily or twitch it to make the streamer flutter and jump more seductively.

Hero Chatter Fly

VAT Included |
  • Fast sink

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