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available in 6 Hero custom colors (some UV active, see below) from Moby Softbaits: 

Length 17-25cm (in action 25cm) - weight 55 grams

Very lively running BigBait double tail twister, with a very durable rubber mixture.

The floating material makes the XL Curly ideal for our hybrid baits, as it sinks more slowly than the bucktail head in front. This means that the entire bait sinks very homogeneously and the floating body has enough carrying capacity for the swivel chain and the rear treble hook.

Starts with the slightest pull!

Pike, zander and catfish will love this bait.

Even on it´s own on the offset hook in or above the weed it is a power!

Attention: Moby Softbaits must not be stored together with other rubber baits!

Moby Softbaits Moby Curly One XL

VAT Included |
  • (1: No UV - 2: Low - 3: Medium - 4: High)

    Mahi Mahi - 4 

    Motoroil - 4

    Orange - 1

    Goldflake - 3

    Pearlwhite Silverflake - 1

    Black Goldflake - 1

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