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The Pig-Head is a bucktail head for those who want to use their own tails. The desired tail is simply screwed onto the spiral attached at the back.

As all our other models, the head is sealed several times with 2-component epoxy resin and is extremely durable.

The Pig-Head's large flat nose creates an enormous pressure wave in the water, which gives our target fish the impression that it has a really good bite in front of it. You can literally feel the water pressure that the bait creates when you crank or jerk it. Similar to the large streamers used when fly fishing for pike, the head is made of bucktail (a purely natural product, the hair from the North American white-tailed deer). We only use premium bucktail from the USA. The long hair on the head plays seductively in the water and create an additional attraction. Both neutral colors and UV-reflecting colors are available.

The heart of the head is a laser-cut plate made of stainless steel 1.4571, which is seawater-resistant. Like all of our baits, the Pig Head has a small eyelet on the bottom to which an additional weight can be attached so that the bait can sink into deeper regions.

Length: varies depending on the tail used

Weight of the head dry: approx. 31 - 37 grams

Action: slow sink and fast sink available

Equiped with 2 pieces of BKK treble hooks in size 2/0, swivel chain, stainless steel spiral on the back for screwing on the tail.

Pig Head Model Red Head

VAT Included |
  • 3 (1: No UV - 2: Low - 3: Medium - 4: High)

  • 2 x 2/0 BKK Spear 21-UVO

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